Is AI Really “New”? What’s All The Fuss?

Humanity Has Entered a New Phase – Should You Be Afraid of AI?

Have you been on YouTube lately? What’s up with all that about Artificial Intelligence? And it’s not just YouTube, it’s all the talk it seems everywhere, isn’t it?

It’s obvious that a lot of people are embracing while exploring the many possibilities that AI can assist in producing. From my own personal experiences and journey in this newest arena, I’m honestly quite astonished at what can be done with some simple prompts while conversing with ChatGPT4 for example. I have an article that I wrote about AI using ChatGPT4 and the feedback I’ve received about it… The responses just blow me away!

What about Midjourney? Holy smokes! I made an image of a train for a children’s book I’m dedicating to my late son Nick, my son Derek as well as my grandson Neua. On the first try? …the outcome is way beyond belief that AI could produce something of such amazing beauty and awesomeness! The even more fun part is how easy it was for me to tell/prompt Midjourney that resulted in what a young boy would consider a masterpiece. And now, with the latest Midjourney 5.1 release, it’s gotten even better.

Derek is 35 so trains aren’t his thing these days, but now, Neua seems to think it’s his “Mona Lisa”! When I first showed him the illustrations generated by Midjourney, he became very quiet while studying the newly minted graphic. When I showed him the other renderings, he remained quiet while continuing his laser focused attention.

If you’re concerned about, curious about, or just on the fence and still a bit reluctant to take a dive into the AI pool, take a look at this article link provided by Caltech… Also, sign up for the newsletter to receive updates as they happen, tips, tricks and loads of great videos authored by the many experts out there helping to pave the way forward. Like AI, this is only the beginning – and the best is yet to be.

Caltech Article About AI – Click Here To Add: Dartmouth & AI’s Very Early Beginnings: Click Here

Hope to see you and learn about what you’ve created so far on your personal AI Journey. I’ve created this site with the idea and purpose to remove the confusion – combined Tsunami-Big Bang effect that’s been beyond overwhelming – even for the experts. If they’re all concerned and confused, I think we’re all in good company. I know we’ll get through this and each find our way forward on our respective AI journeys. I want to help you connect with yours in the best and easiest way possible with a no rabbit-holes approach.

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